Concordia University – Pole Vault

Concordia University, Nebraska has one of the country’s strongest and most historic pole vault programs. Since 1985, the vaultdogs have produced 87 NAIA All-Americans (as of the end of the 2023 indoor season). Our national qualifiers list numbers in the hundreds. This period of time is highlighted by having 22 national champions. A benchmark few large or small colleges can match. We are proud of this tradition, but more importantly, we are proud of all the amazing people that have vaulted at Concordia University.

On our conference level, we hold indoor and outdoor conference records for both Men and Women. The vaultdogs also hold many conference championship titles. So many in fact, I am still researching and trying to go back prior to 1985 to get as accurate of a count as possible. I’ll just say the current count is around 45!

Below you can view our combined indoor and outdoor all-time records list. Also, you can view the list of National Champions.

All-Time Women (top 20):

1Josie Puelz13’07.25″4.15m04/30/21GPAC Championships (Champ)
2Allison Brooks13’04.25″4.07m03/06/20NAIA Nationals (Runner-up)
3Erin Mapson12’09.50″3.90m02/04/22Concordia Classic
4McKenzie Gravo12’08.00″3.86m04/21/17Sioux City Relays
5Cassie Starks12’06.25″3.82m02/21/15GPAC Championships (Champ)
6tMichelle Anderson12’06.00″3.81m02/09/07Buena Vista
6tSteph Beberniss12’06.00″3.81m04/26/03Drake Relays
8Cynthia Mick12’03.50″3.75m05/22/15NAIA Nationals (Runner-up)
9Shelby Yelden12’02.00″3.71m05/03/14GPAC Championships (Champ)
10Kellie Fegter12’01.75″3.70m01/21/11NWU Invitational
11Jacee Pfeifer12’00.50″3.67m03/02/19NAIA Championships
12tAmira Cummings11’11.75″3.65m05/14/22Loper Twilight
12tKatie Andreasen11’11.75″3.65m05/24/03NAIA Nationals
14tTristen Moiser11’09.75″3.60m04/06/19Concordia Invite
14tKamala Moore11’09.75″3.60m03/30/13Wayne Wildcat Classic
14tErin Eitzman11’09.75″3.60m05/26/07NAIA Nationals
17Erin Boggs11’08.50″3.57m03/03/23NAIA Nationals
18tAmanda Fosler11’08.25″3.56m05/12/06Concordia Twilight
18tLindsey Aurich11’08.25″3.56m02/25/06GPAC Championships
20Anna Baack11’08.00″3.56m01/29/21Doane Classic

All-Time Men (top 20):

1Gene Brooks18’00.50″5.50m03/03/90NAIA Nationals (Champ)
2TJ Kloster17’06.25″5.34m05/25/02NAIA Nationals (Champ)
3Don Kitzmann17’04.00″5.29m05/12/89NAIA District XI (Champ)
4Joel Sievers17’03.75″5.28m02/06/92Husker Invitational
5Lucas Wiechman16’10.75″5.15m05/27/17NAIA Nationals (Champ)
6Carson Farr16’08.75″5.10m05/24/14NAIA Nationals
7Zach Zohner16’06.75″5.05m03/04/23NAIA Nationals (Runner-up)
8tJeb Myers16’06.00″5.03m05/17/00Concordia Twilight
8tJason Berry16’06.00″5.03m02/20/93NIAC Championships (Champ)
8tPatrick Gellens16’06.00″5.03m03/01/85NAIA Nationals (Champ)
11tGavin DeHaai16’04.75″5.00m12/14/19Concordia Early Bird Invite
11tLuke Meyers16’04.75″5.00m05/28/05NAIA Nationals
13John Snow16’04.00″4.98m02/26/93NAIA District XI (Champ)
14Andy Mittan16’03.50″4.97m05/05/90NIAC Championships
15Zach Bennetts16’02.75″4.95m02/18/23GPAC Championships (Champ)
16Chase Berry16’01.75″4.92m04/28/22Prairie Wolf Invite
17tDusty Morehead16’01.00″4.91m05/09/08Concordia Twilight
17tReid Ehrisman16’01.00″4.91m04/09/05Concordia Invitational
19tCody Williams16’00.75″4.90m02/16/19GPAC Championships
19tJosh Tonniges16’00.75″4.90m02/19/09GPAC Championships
20Brandon Ramos15’11.00″4.85m05/23/15NAIA Nationals

NAIA National Champions (22):

Josie Puelz13’00.25″3.97m2023NAIA Indoor Nationals
Josie Puelz13’01.50″4.00m2022NAIA Outdoor Nationals
Josie Puelz13’05.25″4.10m2022NAIA Indoor Nationals
Josie Puelz13’03.50″4.05m2021NAIA Outdoor Nationals
Josie Puelz13’04.50″4.08m2021NAIA Indoor Nationals
Lucas Wiechman16’10.75″5.15m2017NAIA Outdoor Nationals
Steph Beberniss11’11.75″3.65m2003NAIA Outdoor Nationals
Steph Beberniss12’01.50″3.70m2003NAIA Indoor Nationals
Jeb Myers16’05.50″5.02m2003NAIA Indoor Nationals
TJ Kloster17’06.25″5.34m2002NAIA Outdoor Nationals
TJ Kloster16’05.50″5.02m2001NAIA Indoor Nationals
TJ Kloster16’02.75″ 2000NAIA Outdoor Nationals
TJ Kloster17’06.00″ 2000NAIA Indoor Nationals
TJ Kloster16’08.75″5.10m1998NAIA Outdoor Nationals
TJ Kloster16’08.00″ 1998NAIA Indoor Nationals
Gene Brooks18’00.50″5.50m1990NAIA Indoor Nationals 
Gene Brooks16’08.75″5.10m1989NAIA Outdoor Nationals 
Gene Brooks17’00.00″ 1989NAIA Indoor Nationals 
Gene Brooks17’00.00″ 1988NAIA Indoor Nationals 
Gene Brooks16’00.00″ 1987NAIA Indoor Nationals 
Patrick Gellens16’04.75″5.00m1985NAIA Outdoor Nationals
Patrick Gellens16’06.00″5.03m1985NAIA Indoor Nationals